Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to the Races

Before we were married, Tim and I used to go to races. We started with an annual trip to Mid Ohio in Lexington, OH because it was close. Then one summer we went to Road Atlanta and a temporary street course in Washington DC.

I flounced around in my short shorts feeling like hot stuff.

At one race I got to be a flag girl for a BMW in one of the support races. It was the matte black BMW with neon writing on it, pretty much the saddest looking car in the race, but I was chosen out of the crowd to hold a flag. This was the peak of my race fan career.

Then in 2005 I had a baby.

We took a few years off from the race scene only to make our triumphant return yesterday. Me and my short shorts were back, overshadowed only by the prettiest little girl in the world wearing a shirt that said "Daddy's Girl" and Tinkerbell wings.

I'm not the hot stuff anymore.

I spent the day walking about twelve feet behind the hot stuff carrying her bags. If someone looked my way it was only to convey that I have the most gorgeous child they'd ever seen. Although my appearance at yesterday's race didn't earn me any votes for "girl race teams would most like to see jump on a trampoline," it was infinitely more enjoyable than the old days. I can't remember spending a race day smiling and laughing, without a moment of boredom, ever.

It's a good life even if it is just being Julia's mom.