Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Could Blog About Anything

I could blog about politics, science, or being a mom. So says my husband when he suggests I get a blog to help with another bid as a freelance writer. He's right a lot of the time, so here's the blog.

I froze up naming it, hence the default name I've used on the fourteen attempts at writing my life story. Big Teeth and Clouds - a collection of random mommy-ish thoughts.

When I was a freshman in college, there was this kid that I worked with as a lab aide. As lab aides we would help lots of foreign nuns figure out how to print and surf the web 1998 style. We were mostly bored to death. We shared stories of our respective high schools. My lab aide friend brought up big teeth and clouds as an example of the game he and his buddies used to play where they'd try to think up the two most unrelated things they could. His only example was the big teeth and clouds. He tried bubble gum and something else, but I can't even remember the second thing. That name stuck with me all these years as something I would use for what I thought was my random life story.

Now, having lived more of my life, my story doesn't seem as random. My blog isn't even very random. Life has become very interrelated. But there is no other blog by this name. And alphabetically, big teeth comes before a lot of other more standard names.

So it's working out okay. So far.