Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Old Lady & An Accidental "I Love You"

My daughter says more and more funny things each day as she learns new vocabulary and seemingly uses it appropriately from the very first try. Today she made me laugh twice, only once at my expense.

Since we've moved to our apartment it's been a difficult adjustment that our whole home is one the ground floor. People walk right by the bedroom windows and could potentially see right into the bathroom. Every morning I have to tell my daughter, "Please close the door so no one sees my bum bum."

It was the same this morning. She closed the door like she always does. Then she adds, "I close the door so no one walks by and says, 'There's an old lady in there!'"

Later in the morning we were walking our dog while the grounds crew mowed. A guy drove by on a mower and I waved at him, a thank you for not running us over. I look down and Julia is holding up her small hand with thumb, index finger, and pinkie raised. I ask, "Julia, why are you telling the mower guy, 'I love you?'"

She didn't say anything.

It was the first time in her young life that I could clearly see she was embarassed. She buried her little red cheeks in my leg and laughed a laugh that had a little touch of cry in it. She told me it was "silly" and claimed the Barbie doll she was holding had made her do it.

And so another day ends that was painfully cute, funny and wonderful in a way that makes me wonder how I could ever think of doing anything else.