Friday, October 30, 2009

Blankie Girl

I am a blankie girl. I love a blanket. For Mother's Day my husband, Timo, got me a snuggie. What a wonderful invention! You can do anything in that thing and still have warm toastie arms. I'd really like an adult-sized one of those infant wraps that only lets their little head stick out. Timo says they have those as Arctic camping gear. Maybe for Christmas?

There are many blankets in our home, but only one hallowed, vintage blanket that is protected and specially cared for: Sheepy & Sleepy. Sheepy & Sleepy was once two separate blankets at some point in the 1980's. The part that I call Sleepy was dark brown with flowers on top and the underside was nylon. Eventually the nylon part shredded into little strips. Sheepy has sheep on top (creative naming there) and the same underside.

As time wore on I ended up with two blankets that would tie me in knots through the night. Little Joey would wake up and have to work to break away from the blanket's network of nylon shreds. My mom came to the rescue with her exceptional sewing skills. She combined the two blankets into one super-blankie. The Sheep went on top and a soft sheet holds all the love of the old brown blanket inside. Sheepy & Sleepy was born.

This one blanket has been keeping me warm for most of my life. Occasionally, I flip on the television and come across Oprah and Dr. Oz or some other talking head with their microscope. Bed bugs and bacteria would dictate throwing away your pillow or blanket periodically.

My blankie is filled with LOVE. Find that with your microscope Mr. Bed Doctor.