Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fish Killer

I've been having real problems with these goldfish. They just stink stank so bad! After I got rid of their initial brown, dirty, foul, I-just-ate-a-whole-lot-of-bugs-in-a-country-pond water there was this tremendous stench again in the fresh clean water.

I successfully changed 90% of their water one day and gave them a capful of water conditioner. It's supposed to make them have less stress, take out the chlorine, etc. The stink was back in less than 12 hours. Could too much water conditioner make it stink?

Last night, I couldn't take it. I took the tank and did another 90% water change. I learned to call it this from a bleeding heart fish care web site. I didn't put any water conditioner in. I made a really poor attempt at matching the temperature of the water.

An hour later Tailsey was dead.

It was thought that Goldie Minnow might survive. After all, it is, er was, a big brute of a fish. I went to make Julia's bed this morning and it was suctioned up against the filter. Tough blow!

So I flushed another one. I know that no one gets pleasure from handling dead goldfish, but I really have an aversion to it. It gives me the heebiegeebies. Dead fish, dead reptiles, I'm a bit scared and really grossed out. Once a bunch of frogs froze over the winter in my parents patio pond. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw them.

Luckily, I had a decent tool to convey Tailsey and Goldie Minnow into the toilet bowl. Julia is unfazed by the turn of events. I told her we won't be getting any more fish. I'm not good at taking care of them. Mommy is a goldfish killer.