Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Upside of Waffle Fame

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review published a great summary of my foray into far hostile reaches of the Internet called: Blog eggs on waffle brouhaha. Now I know how to spell "brouhaha" and columnist Eric Heyl will be glad to know that my "melancholy" has ended.

Christmas came early to the Resciniti apartment when on Thanksgiving eve the UPS man brought a package from Carbon's Golden Malted. In it was a VillaWare Belgian waffle boat maker and four big containers of Golden Maltedwaffle flour. I scurried off to Giant Eagle and procured the necessary ingredients to make delicious strawberry-chocolate ice cream waffle boat sundaes.

The people at Carbon's Golden Malted read about me and my waffle habits in USA Today. They decided, in addition to reassuring me that children who eat waffles do grow up to be productive members of society, to send me my very own waffle iron to help me permanently ditch those frozen waffles.

 This stuff is so much better than Bisquick.

The first waffle making with the new iron yielded more chocolate waffles than we could eat. Ironically, I froze some to pop in the toaster for the next morning. Julia chose to top her chocolate waffles with Hershey's chocolate sauce AND syrup. The waffle iron has turned us into instant health food fanatics.

There is no cure for waffle-induced melancholy better than a belly full of ice cream and warm waffles slathered in strawberries and chocolate sauce.