Monday, November 9, 2009

Goodnight Moon

My daughter is rarely up past dark during Daylight Savings Time. Now that her bedtime (7:30) falls during darkest night, I figured we could take advantage and have a little walk to see the full moon. Her teacher told her the moon would be a big circle.

Upon seeing the moon, she began jumping up and down. I love that moon. It's a big circle. You know what my favorite thing is after dark? That moon! I knocked myself out of breath, I'm so excited for that moon!

She "knocked herself out of breath" she did. We're entering a phase of terrific mixed metaphors. They are adorable little Julia-isms that I hope I'll remember forever.

Twelve times she shouted, "goodnight moon" with her mitten clad hands cupped around her mouth. She had to yell because the moon is far away you know. At least the whole apartment complex heard.

Surely now she'll want to go out walking in the dark and cold every night after she's in her pajamas. But this first moon walk was a really good idea.