Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boring Big Teeth

My reaction check boxes used to be "funny, interesting and cool." One day, probably from boredom, I thought there should be a way to voice a negative thought about my blog posts. Ouch! Boring is winning the week.

And being a mommy blogger had a rough couple of hours last night too. It was like last week's episode of 30 Rock when Kenneth Parcell said “I feel about as useless as a Mom’s College degree.” It was funny, but I took it personally. I had to dig deep to find an explanation for the BSBA that gives me credibility to blog, operate a toaster, and raise a kid. It would have been cheaper and easier not to have the degree. But having it does still make me feel good.

If I had to think my way through a fictional TV character's comment, it will be a while before I resolve my feelings about the stuff I read this morning. We all knew it was coming after I posted my love for an anonymous comment. Lots of anonymous comments last night.

The stay-at-home part of my motherhood infuriated someone out there. And to them I'll only say I have a wonderful life. True, it is boring. It is even mundane at times. My schedule is flexible, my husband is awesome. I could potentially do whatever I want all day long. I have only one kid and still I get to stay here and be a part of her every waking moment save the two and a half hours she goes to preschool. Then I'm utterly alone to take up my own pursuits. I am happy.

If that makes you mad, know that you're still reading my blog only because you like being mad.

This morning I spent 37 minutes moderating comments. I enjoyed it. I went all the way back to the time when my husband was my only reader. I read his response to my post about my parent's selling their house. I read about how he liked having me at auto races and even when he called me a slacker. I read a lot of nasty stuff too, but it was the first time I'd gone back in time to the beginning of the blog.

No one was checking "boring" back then, but then again, boring wasn't an option. But thanks, anonymous, for giving me a reason to go back in the archives. At least for me, it was interesting stuff.