Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Hair is the Boss

Woman with a terrible haircut at the park.
On the day before my daughter's third birthday party I sat in my hairdresser's chair, ready for something different. I'd been using the same stylist for a couple of years. This was a big accomplishment. I am normally a serial switcher of hair care providers.

I wanted something really short and "easy". I had found a picture in one of the hair salon books.

She spun the chair around and asked, "how is that?" "It's fine," I murmured. I tipped her, walked out and never went back. It wasn't her fault. She did exactly what I told her to.

I spent the birthday party, my summer driver's license photo session and all other summer activities with hair that looked like Tony Danza's in Who's the Boss?

Friends said I should paint a Steeler emblem on the side for my hair so closely resembled a helmet.

That hair cut has taken just about two years to grow out enough to be fixed. I've had bizarre layers. I've been avoiding hair cuts in general. And now I have less options for hair styles because I know that if I go too short, I'm going to look like that guy.