Friday, January 29, 2010

Pappy's Planetary Wisdom

My parents were just about ready to leave my house after dinner one Saturday evening. Pap pap made some comment about loving Julia "a little bit."

Julia corrects him, "No, you love me a lot. You can't even reach how much you love me." She's big into stretching her arms wide to indicate levels of love, tiredness, hunger, and fullness.

Pap pap stretches his arms out wide.

Julia replies, "I love you big as this whole house."

Pap pap counters, "I love you the whole Earth. I love you.... all the way around Uranus."

It bears noting that planetary references are lost on the nearly five-year-old. Earth she gets. Perhaps she would have understood the moon or even Mars. But the old man goes with Uranus and my mother and I were lost in a giggle fit.

That is a lot of love. All the way around Uranus.