Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Julie & Julia

The movie, Julie and Julia, was very enjoyable. I think bloggers will especially identify and envy Julie. But today, I'm thinking more about my daughter that I named Julia.

The name was in my mind long before I even considered having children. My mom had hoped to have a middle child named Julie. I think my life would have been different if I had scored that name. People would have known I am a girl for one thing. But the family skipped over sister Julie and instead named a little girl Joey.

I like the name so much I thought I'd name my own daughter Julie until I married a man with a last name that somewhat rhymes. It was then that I switched it to Julia.

I have an aunt that calls her Julie and writes that other name on all kinds of holiday greeting cards. When Julia first learned to spell her name she was irked by the J-U-L-I-E. That's not how you spell her name she would protest. I felt satisfied. I still don't think Julie is a good nickname. Jules would be fine. Julie is just a different name.

This puts me in the same boat as the parents that insist on a kid being called William instead of Billy. Somehow I can't understand that, but my quirks about my own daughter's name make complete sense to me.

I'm unsure about the future of Julie and Julia in our house. Suddenly, she signed all of her homemade Valentine cards "Julie" and announced that it is her nickname. The family will pounce on it. My Julia will become just the name I call when she's in trouble.

I suppose it's not so bad. I had most of the first five years.