Friday, May 7, 2010

Fish Update

Against my better judgment, Julia and I headed to Petco to bring home some Guppies.  What a wondrous place is the Petco store!  They had birds, cats, lizards, snakes, land turtles, water turtles, frogs, crickets, and gerbils to gawk at on the way to the fish tanks.  I thought I was going to fall over waiting for her to finish taking in all of the possible pets a person could stuff into their home.

With the help of a condescending pet store employee, we chose white Mollies.  They only had male Guppies which threw a wrench into Julia's plan for a fish family.  When I asked Mr. Petco what's the difference between Mollies and Guppies, he said, "they're two different kinds of fish.... duh!"  I may have inferred the "duh" part from his tone, but it was there.

Mollies are a bit bigger than Guppies but they also birth live babies if you can get them out of the tank before Mom and Dad eat them.  Any nitwit can tell the boy Mollies from the girl Mollies.  At least this is how I felt when I asked that question.

Julia was chattering about the Mommy having the babies.  Employee of the month interjects:  "Tsk, you know you have to have a breeding tank if you're going to have babies."  Dude, she's 5!

The fish made it home and survived being transfered into our tank.  Julia will tell anyone a hundred times a day how "responsible" she is with her fish.  She named them Martha and Jar Jar Binks.  We think Martha is already pregnant.  Perhaps due to the fishy pregnancy hormones, Martha is pretty aggressive.  She doesn't seem to like it when Jar Jar eats.  She spends more time chasing him away from the food than she does eating.

So we have fish again.  I have to admit they're more interesting than the last ones.  Our Martha is tiny, pregnant and occasionally combative.  I'm somewhat amused.