Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Even Birds Procastinate

Julia wanted to build a bird house one fall afternoon in 2009. Since she runs the show, her pappy promptly headed to his wood shop. He let Julia use a screwdriver. Eventually she was set loose with paints.

The bird house stayed with my parents until we moved into our new house. Then we brought it home and stashed it in the garage. It still needed an eye hook and some chain, but I had every intention of hanging it in the spring of 2010.

Time passed and the bird house collected dust in the garage. We remembered it this year, but it was already April. I figured we'd hang it even though all of the birds surely had homes already.

Bird visiting a bird house.
The bird inspecting a potential new home.
The morning after our bird house finally went on the market, I wondered aloud if there had been any takers. "The hole is too small," Julia announced. "Birds can't fit in there."

Five seconds passed. Right before our very eyes, Mr. and Mrs. Bird went one by one into the house. Within minutes they decided to stay. We watched them all morning as they brought bits of grass to stuff inside.

Mr. Bird is probably quite insufferable right about now. You just know that his wife has been telling him for weeks that they needed a house. Then he just stumbles into a new construction in a good neighborhood, his procrastination rewarded.

I feel for her. I hate when that happens, but I'm glad something is living in our house. Perhaps Julia really does control the universe.