Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Mail

Valentine's Day is almost here. It seems to be coming up fast, possibly because this is the first year that I didn't have to bribe Julia to take down the Christmas tree. Past years have found me installing paper hearts on New Year's Day in exchange for permission to put away Christmas. We're maturing now (it's a bit sad) and will only have gaudy tinsel garland on our railing for about a month.

Since February 1st we've been trying out a new Valentine's Day tradition. Family Fun had cute envelope's like these in a recent issue. Theirs were made from felt. Here's a tutorial for really nice felt chair back Valentine envelopes.

Ours are fashioned from two old t-shirts that my husband was throwing out. I chopped up a cardboard box to give the jersey material some structure, putzed with the hot glue gun for a while, and added $3 worth of fabric paint. Julia designed the front of her own, opting to let me make the backs of all three match.

Since the envelopes have been hung, not on our chair backs, but from a hook in the kitchen, we've been working to (secretly) fill each other's containers with love. I joked that mine was probably going to be filled with used Kleenexes or rocks (like trick or treating with Charlie Brown). I have to wait until Friday to find out what is in there, but I do think I got something. It appears to be harder than a tissue and softer than a rock. So exciting!

I've got big plans for a special Valentine's Day dinner including a desert that will either be amazing or a good excuse for a run to Dairy Queen. Either way, I'm looking forward to spending time with the two best sweethearts in the world! Happy Valentine's Day!