Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Watchdog & The Deranged Bird

Luke, our brown and white shih tzu/watchdog.
Luke, the watchdog
A few Sundays ago, I heard something tapping at our dining room window. It was constant, an insistent tap that was quite creepy. All alone in the house, I summoned my courage (and this guy) to find the source of the racket.

Luke is the newest addition to our family. March 1st marked our two year anniversary of having him and in two years he has seldom let any household noise go uninvestigated.

A car door slamming, the wind rustling, another dog barking, sirens, whistles, small noises audible only to Luke... any little thing causes our dear shih tzu to launch himself into full-on protector of the house mode. This includes a systematic high speed patrol of the front door and all windows low enough for him to peer out.

So I thought he'd be all over this tapping thing. But when push came to shove, Luke wouldn't even follow me into the dining room. He made me check it out alone.

All alone, without the reassuring protection of my 14" tall fluff ball canine, I found this deranged female cardinal pecking at the window. I shooed her away. Within minutes she was back.

And now she's been at it for weeks with the tapping, these days favoring the play room window. She only stops when I attempt to video her pecking. She is a bird of many flaws and camera shyness is apparently among them. It occurred to me while trying to sneak flattened against the wall to document a crazy bird that perhaps my time is better spent in other pursuits. Maybe Luke feels the same because through some ill-timed demonstration of maturity, he is able to completely ignore the bird.

Fake car sounds on the "My Lemon" commercial, he needs to check that out. A real live bird that I would love for him to chase away? A target that I'm asking him to bark at? Meh. He'll pass.

At this rate, I don't think our fair cardinal is going to find a proper mate. She is quite determined to impress her own reflection. By the time she figures it out, I fear all of the good boy cardinals will have been taken. So it looks like we're stuck with her and her tapping.

I blame my dog for that.