Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Belated Bragging

Green sea turtle cake.
Julia turns nine tomorrow.

That's a big number. I remember turning nine. I am in no way old enough to have a child that old.

But her advancing age isn't all bad (unlike my advancing age, which I'm fairly certain is all bad). We're done with the booster seat in the car and she's mostly independent. She can read and spell and work the voice command on the Xbox better than me.

And she's taking it easy on her dear old mother, at least as far as this ninth birthday is concerned. By the time this posts, I assume I will have survived her birthday sleepover party. She wanted to have one friend sleep over. She wanted to decorate her own mini cupcakes with her friend. "We can do that!!!!" I said.

Last year, she wanted her birthday cake to be shaped like a honu. A honu is a green sea turtle. Since her party was outsourced to a local laser tag place, I felt obliged to craft the honu cake.

I'm not good with icing.

I baked a sheet cake and two 9" rounds from a box mix and sliced them into a the shape of a sea turtle. I made fondant for the first time ever. I covered myself and kitchen in green food coloring and powdered sugar. I fought the cake for the better part of a day.

I'm really not good with icing.

Four pounds of fondant and a hearty amount of sheer will later, I had done it. I wanted to shellac the turtle and save it for all eternity, permitting myself a brief fantasy wherein I wouldn't allow the children to eat the cake. "This cake is just for looking," I imagined saying. I'd created this awesome turtle. Out of cake. In less than a day it was to be destroyed. I desperately wanted to "have my cake and eat it too."

Since I wasn't blogging about this sort of thing last year, I got a little weird at the laser tag place.

"See my daughter's cake? I made it."
"What? This thing? Yeah, I made that."
"Did you happen to see the turtle cake I made? It's a turtle. I made it out of cake."
"STOP! Let me take one more picture. I don't think I got it from that angle yet. I made this cake, you know."

I stopped short of showing it off to random strangers, but I sort of wanted too. Then we chopped off the poor honu's head and the kids ate the cake. Thank goodness I still have the pictures so a year later I can tell you: I made that cake!

Happy Birthday to my darling Julia! And thank you for letting me crack open a tub of Betty Crocker chocolate frosting this year. I needed a break!