Thursday, April 17, 2014

Egg in the Hole!!!

The first time I ever heard of egg in the hole was during an episode of Nashville. As the fictional characters flipped their breakfast egg and toast combo on the stove, my interest piqued. The next weekend, I was searching for cookie cutters to hollow out our bread.

The winner was a heart shaped cookie cutter which turned out to be a big hit for a nine-year-old girl. This has become the second most requested breakfast in our house, surpassed only by the healthy start that is a chocolate waffle drowned in Hershey's chocolate syrup.

How to Make Egg in the Hole

1. Cut out the center of the bread with a cookie cutter or juice glass. Make sure there are no breaks in the bread, there must be a continuous crust around the egg to contain it while it cooks.

2. Melt butter in a nonstick pan.

3. Place the bread and the cut out pieces in the butter. I use less than medium heat because my stove is beastly hot.

4. Crack one egg into each hole.
Egg in the hole cooking.
Eggs frying in their heart-shaped holes.

5. Let the eggs cook until they are pretty firm. If the egg has not set up, it will fall out of the hole when you flip.

6. Lift the egg onto a spatula and drop an additional pat of butter in the pan before flipping. Flipping the extra cut out pieces is a good way to check how brown the bread is getting.

7. Cook an additional minute or two on the second side.

8. Shout "EGG IN THE HOLE" to alert your family that breakfast is served.
Finished egg in the hole.
Beautifully toasted with an extra heart for dipping.

Get it? Like "fire in the hole" but with eggs. This is morning comedy at its best.

A note about bread choices...

Goodbye Gluten: Gluten-free white bread

The wheat eaters in our family get egg in the hole made with 100% whole wheat bread, but I've been making mine with Goodbye Gluten White Bread. It's worth the rather exorbitant $5.99 price tag at Giant Eagle because this stuff is delicious. Goodbye Gluten advertises that it has never been frozen which makes my act of immediately stuffing it in the freezer seem rather ironic. It toasts beautifully after being frozen and makes lovely lunch meat sandwiches as well as a great base for a slather of Nutella.

If you make your egg in the hole with gluten free bread it becomes a FODMAP free breakfast. Delicious and it couldn't be easier!

Egg in the Hole goes by many other names. The Pioneer Woman has a pretty extensive list here.