Thursday, May 15, 2014

Where has this been all my life?

Just a short two hours from my house there is a Michael Symon B Spot restaurant. I like Michael Symon. He has a great laugh. I caught a few episodes of The Chew, saw him make a burger on TV, and decided I wanted to go there. To the B Spot.

Thankfully, my family was on board with driving four hours round trip to experience what might be the best burger of our lives. Five of us, Tim, Julia, my parents, and me, piled into a little car for the journey deep into Ohio. 

I was not disappointed because I ordered a burger with a fried egg on it.

Why was there never an egg on my burger before? Talk about delicious! The explosion of yolk! The indescribably tasty combination of ground meat and cheddar cheese combined with a salt & peppery egg. It was life changing.

Others in my party (I'm talking about you, mom) weren't as adventurous. So they had delicious burgers, but not crazy, wow, amazing burgers.

They were still in the car for four hours.

Since then, I can't get enough egg on my burger goodness. I make it at home.

These burgers really weren't my best work. Really, I can either
cook or write about cooking. Both at the same time just leads
to burned food.
And I order it at restaurants when it somewhat resembles a Michael Symon creation. Which means I've had egg burgers out in the world exactly twice, the B Spot burger and a Lola burger at Bar Symon in Pittsburgh International Airport. The Lola burger had onions on it, carmelized or pickled or something. They were beyond amazing!

There is no photograph of the Lola Burger.
I made it disappear.
I will remember it always.

So there's really no recipe here. Make a burger with bacon and cheese then put an egg fried over-meduim on that puppy. No ketchup. No condiment. Then bite into the yolk and prepare for a flavor explosion that will rock your world.