Thursday, May 1, 2014

Boiled Egg Sandwiches

This sandwich is the specialty of my husband, Tim. For some reason, we like to announce our food in unique ways (see gumbo and egg in the hole) and boiled egg sandwiches are no exception. Apparently this is our family friendly version of a very horrible GI Joe spoof cartoon about pork chop sandwiches. I had never seen it until writing this post. I thought I might embed that video so you could understand ever so slightly what I'm rambling about.

I'm not going to embed that video.

Also, note to husband: that might be funny, but it is 2014 and we're not allowed to think it's funny anymore. Possibly we should also change the name of our boiled egg concoction because I feel rather dirty now that I've seen the origin story.

Boiled egg toast points, anyone?

Anyway, if you still have boiled eggs around from Easter you should throw them away. The Internet says without a doubt, boiled eggs last seven days in the refrigerator. Do not make a sandwich out of an Easter egg in May. Don't do it. But if you're not too sick of hard boiled eggs or you're thinking ahead to next spring, check out Tim's:

Boiled Egg & Toast Layers

2- slices of toast
1 - slice of American Cheese
1- hard cooked egg
Salt & Pepper to taste

Slice the egg on the toast, add salt & pepper and a slice of cheese. Layer on the second piece of toast and enjoy. 

Variation: Julia and I skip the salt and pepper and put Helman's mayonnaise on ours. Yum!

Incidentally, boiled egg sandwiches can be quite handy on long road trips or in picnic lunches. I boiled six eggs in advance of our last Orlando trip, made toast in the Homewood Suites kitchen, and packed three sandwiches twice that week for us to enjoy in the parks. It was November so we didn't die from eating them. Tim thought this was extraordinarily weird until he ate the sandwich in Hollywood Studios. Not weird then, was it?

Okay, it was still weird. But we saved money by not buying three meals every day. I can handle being weird for that.