Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our Fairy Garden

Fairies have become quite popular. I had a story book as a child with some fairy and elf stories in it. We always had Tinkerbell, but she was quite a different fairy in the Peter Pan movie. Now we've got fairies of all different talents, even a pirate!

So in 2011, we created our first fairy house. Julia was in kindergarten which was the peak of her fairy appreciation. I'm really amused by anything that is tiny. Tiny kitchen tools, tiny garden tools, itty bitty fake food, all of it is just so useless and cute! The fairy house is a project both of us can really get into.

Our very first fairy house constructed from wood scraps, tree
bark and popsicle sticks. I especially liked the fire pit Julia
created and the pebble walkway.
Last year, we had to get rid of the original fairy house. It was too far gone even for a tinker to fix up. We headed to Michael's and bought a little wooden house. It might actually be a bird house. 

The fairy house with a fresh paint job and newly organized lawn
ornaments. Still waiting for the garden fairy to come and help
everything grow.
It's become a spring tradition for the two of us to go through all of the tiny fairy things (our collection is growing) and assemble the miniature accessories under the big oak tree in the front yard. This summer we're going to go beyond our support of fairies. A butterfly garden is in the works and I've found lots of great craft and garden ideas in this book: Gardening Lab for Kids. (The little stump fairy house on the cover would be a great addition to what is fast becoming a village.)

This book has a whole section on "Theme Gardening" which includes fairy homes.
Other great ideas like toad homes, various planters, seed tape and more are presented
in an easy step-by-step format.

The fairy house offers a lot of entertainment all summer long. We keep tabs on it looking for signs that a fairy has moved in. We're constantly in search of miniature plants to fill in their little gardens. Now that my little girl has grown a little too big for Barbie dolls, I still get to have these mini-things to entertain myself. I think the fairy garden is here for good!