Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Two Second Grade Field Trips

Our class went to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History for my second grade field trip. Field trips were  exciting, but with the exception of my sixth grade trip and this one, I couldn't tell you where we went for any of them. I will always remember second grade because that was the year my mommy was the chaperone.

I can vividly remember walking to the back of the bus with my mom. All of the other grownups sat in the front. "Who's watching the kids in the back?" my mom wondered. No one did. No one but my mom that is.

We sat over the wheel and I still remember looking at my shoes. My feet were propped up high on the bubble of the bus wheel. The shoes were all different pastel colors woven together into some kind of loafer. I loved those shoes. We bought them especially for the field trip.

I sat there next to my mommy and was just as happy and content as could be. I was still having trouble adjusting to school. Second grade was the year I abused the nurse's office, calling my mom every time my temperature topped 99 degrees. That must have happened more than a dozen times, but on this day I had my mother with me. It was perfect.

We rode the "T" and walked around the museum. Mom bought me a souvenir from the museum gift shop. It was a little green plush dinosaur that fit into a little tin egg. I could pretend the baby dinosaur was hatching.

Now I'm the mom and last year I got to chaperone a school field trip. Proof that life is just a series of circles, some much bigger than others, we visited the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

A Julia/Mommy selfie on the steps outside the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.
We didn't get to sit over the wheel of the bus and I'm too cheap to buy her a souvenier, but it was perfect. Absolutely perfect.