Thursday, June 12, 2014

The 2014 Candy Awards

In planning an end of the year ceremony for Julia's Girl Scout troop, I came across candy bar awards. It looked like a yummy way to give each girl special recognition, and though I do try to stay away from food rewards, this is much cheaper than a trophy.

First, I made a list of all the girls in the troop and a potential candy bar award that made sense for them. Then, I headed to Five Below, an awesome PA store with a huge selection of candy. Though the junk food section was extensive, some of the candies on my pre-made list were not available. No 100 Grand? Really? Making the in store substitutions took a bit of time, but eventually I came up with this:

Candy bars for recognizing a group of kids: caramello, milky way, baby ruth, laffy taffy, sky, almond joy and more...

1. The Caramello Award - for a sweet & easy going kid  
2. The Sweet Tart Award - for a sweet & sassy individual  
3. The Milky Way Award - for a kid that gave a galaxy of help to her group  
4. The Baby Ruth Award - for the sports fanatic of the group  
5. The Big Kiss Award - for demonstrating kindness & caring all year long  
6. The Laffy Taffy Award - for a kid that's always laughing  
7. The Mega Award - for excellence in fundraising  
8. The Sky Bar - for a kid with limitless potential 
 9. The Smarties Award - for a kid with lots of smart ideas  
10. The Joy Award - for being friendly & helpful

Candy bar awards: Skittles, Whoppers, Starburst, Lifesavers, M&Ms and Crunch

11. The Skittles Award - for a kid that always has a rainbow of creative ideas
12. The Whopper Award - for a kid that tells great stories
13. The Starburst Award - for the budding actress in the group
14. The Lifesaver Award - for a kid that always helps others
15. The M&M Award - for being magnificent & marvelous
16. The Crunch Award - for a kid you can always count on in a crunch

I printed each girl's name on a slip of paper to tape to the candy. The end result is a lovely almost keepsake award. Except for how it gets eaten!

A finished candy award with the identifying slip of paper taped in place.

The total cost was $1 per girl and overall, they were pretty pleased with my selections. Here are a few of my candy bar award ideas that didn't make the cut:

The Three Musketeer Award - for three friends that are always together. I was afraid the three friends wouldn't be such close friends by the time these were passed out. And what if there's a fourth friend? And what if the three girls were bummed about all getting the same candy bar? I decided to scrap this one even though it meant I had to think up three separate awards.

The Kit Kat Award - for a kid that never gives me a break. A little mean, no?

The Chunky Award... not going to go there!

It occurred to me during the course of my shopping trip that not every candy name lends itself to an award unless you're going for a slightly offensive effect. People probably don't respond well to having their kids deemed Sour or Chunky. Also, I couldn't think of anything for Twix. Other than how it's my favorite candy bar ever. Make a note: if you ever give me a candy award, make it a Twix. The label doesn't have to make sense!