Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Talking frogs and winking rabbits

I wanted to catch a frog the other day. It's for my parents. They have an extensive water garden in their yard. Ponds and fountains and water falls. They have these koi that are the size of my shih tzus. It's impressive.

But they don't have any frogs.

A frog.

Our house has a water feature too. Compared to their display, ours is like a puddle. We have one of those very small liners with one little fountain. By the end of the summer we'll have over a dozen frogs in our little habitat. They migrate to our tiny pond like it's some kind of resort hotel.

So I wanted to move a frog from our yard to theirs. Simple. Except right now the frogs are still in the big pond over the hill. Only one has made the trek to our actual yard. And I don't know if I could even catch the one that is in our pond. It's a quick little thing.

We tried one night, but without a net with a long handle there wasn't much hope of success. We had a bit of family time inspecting all of the giant croaking frogs at that big pond. We came away with an empty bucket.

That night, I dreamed that I did catch a frog. It was a girl frog and she swam willingly into my bucket. She could talk which seemed quite normal and she told me that she was hungry. She didn't like normal frog food, so I brought her into my house and fed her penne pasta. I told her she was lucky because I was giving her to Nana and PapPap. They love to feed things.

As I was recounting all of this to my parents, they looked at each other and said, "that sounds like a winking rabbit."

It's not uncommon for me to have no idea what they're talking about.

This one turned out to be an interesting story though. In 1972, my dad's good friend dreamt that a rabbit winked at him. He looked this phenomena up in a dream book and discovered that it was an omen somehow attached to the number "301." He urged my dad to play the daily number for three days that week.

My dad happened to be looking for a sign that would spur him in the direction of asking my mom to marry him. He played 3-0-1 on a Wednesday. He played it again on Thursday. That Thursday he won $1,000, bought an engagement ring, and asked my mother to marry him. Today is their 42nd wedding anniversary.

I'm the littlest one with my sister and
parents in 1985.

I'm pretty grateful that rabbit winked at my dad's friend all those years ago. If it hadn't, who knows where I'd be. My talking frog dream hasn't yet revealed itself to be that significant. Perhaps I should take some penne noodles with me next time we go frog hunting. She did say she liked Italian...