Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Can't we just make my old stuff brand new?

I've been looking for a new vacuum and though the search hasn't been very intense, it's been going on since 2004.

My grandparents-in-law got us a lovely green Kenmore when we got married in 2002. It was a fantastic machine, you know, for a vacuum. It sucked and all. It was dependable. We moved to a multi-level home in 2004 and I decided I wanted to be fancy with an upstairs vacuum and a downstairs vacuum. I still used my green Kenmore, but Tim bought me a big yellow Eureka for the more carpet covered upstairs.

That Eureka was the bane of my existence!

After a few years of fighting with it (the thing lost suction just like the bad vacuum in a Dyson commercial), we threw it away or donated it to the poor, unsuspecting Vietnam Veterans. It went and I recieved a hand-me-down commercial strength yellow and black number that weighed around 300 pounds.

This was better than my Eureka for several years, but it didn't have any attachments and eventually it started collecting long hairs and strings around the beater bar with such regularity that I had to cut big balls out of it with scissors. Every. Time.

So it is gone.

That green Kenmore is still here. It still works and I do nothing to it except change the bag. I've looked at many vacuums and done online research. I've read reviews of the Shark (not good) and tested some uprights in stores. I lusted after the 8-lb Oreck the man bicep curls in the TV ad. Then I discovered that little puppy will set you back about $50 a pound.

Finally, in exasperation I whined to my husband, "please just make the green vacuum brand new. That's all I want."

He waved his hand around. Nothing happened. The on board attachment holders are broken off. The thing that secures the cord so you can put it away all nice and neat has snapped. I had to use electrical tape on the cord in three places and it's rather frayed coming out of the motor housing. I can't get tape on that one. The final straw came when I realized the belt is sort of disintegrating. After twelve years even!

In that moment, when the house filled with the smell of burning rubber (vacuum belts do bad things when they're falling apart) I resolved I would venture into Sears and attempt to purchase a brand new green Kenmore strong-as-a-tank vacuum. If I like it, I'll got back and buy a second one. Exactly the same. Because I'm fancy.

New vs. Old
Apparently, the future is here. The new one looks like a spaceship.

And now vacuuming is fun again.

My new vacuum was about $85 including tax. It uses the same bags as the old one which is good because I have a lot of the old bags. It weighs in at 12.5 pounds and now I'm thinking I might go with just the one for a while. It has a handy carrying handle on top and a stair cleaning attachment thing-a-ma-bob. It's pretty easy to haul upstairs. The search has ended. I'm not going to need to vacuum shop again until 2024. Ha!