Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Junior Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge

My daughter's Junior Girl Scout troop has been slowly working through the Staying Fit badge. The last requirements we have to complete are a consultation with a nurse about age-appropriate health topics and a bit of education on nutrition. The leader handbook suggests the girls "become label detectives." After scrounging around the internet for some sort of printable or game, I finally created my own worksheet to tackle the scourge of preteen nutrition: sugar.

The girls will have to use their fourth and fifth grade math skills (aren't my meetings fun and nothing like school?) to figure out which of these snacks and drinks they can eat in a day. They'll have to pick what they want to eat, add up the sugar grams, divide by four and repeat until they come up with something less than eight. I've included strawberries and bananas to illustrate the difference between natural sugar from fruit and globs of added refined sugar in junk food.

Spoiler alert: no one is going to be drinking that whole can of Barq's root beer. My twelve-year-old self is devastated.

Feel free to print this colorful worksheet as you work on the badge requirements for the Staying Fit badge with your troop. Here are some more free nutrition printables that might be useful.