Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix held each summer in Pittsburgh's Schenley Park has been on our radar for many years. We hear, after the fact, that it happened and think: huh, we should go to that sometime. 

This year, in a new turn of events, we knew about the race BEFORE it happened. So we went for lunch and a day of looking at cars interspersed with watching fun classic race cars toss themselves through twisty wooded paths.

The center piece at our lunch table was a go cart tire.

The Grand Prix is free with parking fees ($20 to park somewhere by Phipp's Conservatory) and the International Car Show entry fee ($40) collected to support PVGP charities. We entered the car show and were directed to a parking spot on German Hill, one of the designated world areas. For the final weekend of the Grand Prix the whole 456-acre Bob O'Connor Golf Course is a giant car show.

The fitness tracker says I walked 3.5 miles. I'd estimate we saw about 1/3 of the cars in the show. After reaching the point of exhaustion, we decided to carry our chairs to the race course spectator area and watch some of the cars on their qualifying laps.

Tim determined that this forest path was a short cut to the Westinghouse Pond and track
viewing area. He was right. We only had to circumnavigate two snow fence blockades.
To quote Julia, "we look sketchy."

The Westinghouse Pond has a very fancy memorial to George Westinghouse.
I would have stopped to read about him but my feet hurt and I could see a shady
place to park my chair. I went there.

Young George Westinghouse, I presume?

George's pond is beautiful.

From (because I had no idea what this word meant or why it was everywhere):
"'The Cortile' is the Italian Car Show, at The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. In Italian "Cortile" translates into courtyard which is an appropriate name for our display of fine Italian macchina on the 18th fairway of the Bob O'Connor Golf Course at Schenley Park during the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix."

Is that a Mini zipping down the road? I need a cheat sheet to identify cars, so I'm going to go ahead
and say that it is.
This was definitely the mother of all car shows. It was way more enjoyable than the Pittsburgh International Car Show held each February in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Events are happening all day today, July 16th, 2017 (8:30-5pm). Get out and look at some cars, Pittsburgh!

Julia and I posing while wearing hats.