Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Living a Life Unbloggable

There's an awful lot I won't write about on my blog. Stories decreased exponentially when my daughter achieved the age of embarrassment. She still does funny things, cute things even. She might die if I shared those. So it's really only the superficial current events that I'm comfortable throwing out into the wide world. Realizing this, I made an effort this summer to do something about it. I had a life experience. It's not that I did it just so I could blog about it, but that was a big consideration.

I was an extra in a movie.

I was not in the Minion movie. Or was I? I can't say!

This was a wildly interesting happening in a life that rarely includes anything outside of a very regimented routine. There were costumes and midnight hoagies. There were stories.

Also, there was a confidentiality agreement.

My heart sank a little when I signed that paper. I agreed not to post anything on Twitter, FacePage, or SnapBook. I agreed not to blog.

So I spent about twelve hours with a group of women (and one man that sat with us intermittently). We talked and played cards.

After a lull in conversation, one woman asked, "so, anyone read any good books lately?"
"No, but this summer, I published my first novel," I said.

And I had a real face-to-face conversation with actual people about my story.

For a brief couple of hours, we were filmed in a scene that may or may not be used in a movie. When it was over, I changed into my street clothes and drove home. I didn't say goodbye. I don't expect I'll ever see those people again.

But I'm glad to have met them and to have done something out of character. Even for just one night. Even when it's unbloggable.