Sunday, October 15, 2017

Travel Montage

This time last Sunday, I was asleep on a weird hybrid bed in the living room of a fourth floor suite in the Shell Island Resort at Wrightsville Beach. It has become my habit while traveling to take my trusty air mattress and sleep outside the bedroom. One of my traveling companions snores. During this quick weekend jaunt, I positioned my twin sized bed on the pull out couch without actually pulling out the couch. And so I slept for two nights on a wobbly stack of sofa pillows and air.

It occurred during several hours of sleepless nighttime reflection that our blissful and blessed beach getaway included twenty hours of driving and less than forty-eight hours at the destination. Even so, it was worth it. The car time passed easily enough. Julia binge watched the entire Pirates of the Caribbean series while the grown ups navigated through rain storms. When we entered North Carolina, our videographer daughter began recording. Before we could step in the ocean we were entreated to take in her travel montage, super speed stretches of roadside cotton fields cut with welcoming road signs.

In my daydreaming moments, I tend to think of my life like it's a movie. If it were, this whole weekend would fit comfortably in a zippy montage.

Among the shots of harvest ready cotton and crystal clear ocean waves you'd find us walking along the shore as the sunset.

Stand up paddleboarding through the intracoastal waterway for two and half hours, carving paths through the grass, snacking on homemade oatmeal bars while our feet dangled in the cool water.

Digging holes and building a sad sandcastle. Wearing a wide brimmed hat exactly once to prove it was worth packing.

Jumping over waves, slipping under others, and riding the boogie board until it breaks.

Burying a man in the sand.

The movie montage might not show the moment I hit my sand tolerance limit or the amount of laundry even a short trip generates, but it would get the good stuff. And there was no shortage of that.