Sunday, December 10, 2017

#Parenting a Child with Hearing Loss

Publishing a collection of stories about parenting a child with hearing loss was one of my "before I turn 40" goals. I'm still getting used to being 37 and haven't touched my guitar or studied ASL. I did, however, compile and edit the stories of my daughter's journey with hearing aids and add experiences from the school years. Magic Ear Kids is now available in print and Kindle editions!

From the back cover: “At least she can hear,” was one of the first thoughts Joey Lynn Resciniti had about her newborn. It was an accurate assumption in the hospital when her baby was startled by loud noises. Her pronouncement would prove ironic almost three years later, though, when her daughter was diagnosed with moderate sensorineural hearing loss in both ears.

The remaining time before kindergarten was spent in a frenzied sprint to catch up with audiology appointments, speech therapy, and all things “magic ears.” Joey was able to keep things in perspective by chronicling these everyday hearing happenings in weekly posts on her blog. Magic Ear Kids is a compilation of short stories from those early days and new, never before published tales of intermediate and middle school. It’s a book for anyone that’s ever worried that an ear infection might wreak havoc on a weekly spelling test or performed a late-night search for a size 13 battery in a twin-sized bed. It’s full of stories of frustration and triumph for parents at the beginning of their journey, those that are looking back, and anyone that cares about a kid with hearing loss.