Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Here we are in the middle of February, a time of freezing temperatures (Pittsburgh alternates these with blustery spring-like days to keep things interesting), hearts, chocolates, red roses, and glitter. It’s a time of extremes as people in relationships flaunt the depth of their commitment and single folks wear black and host ex-boyfriend bonfires.

It’s a time of cartoon card kits and junky plastic tchotchkes that have replaced the snacks our kids aren’t allowed to bring to school.

It’s a time of sappy, goopy love.

Free Valentine clip art from

I’m on a mission to put love into the world, so today, I should feel like I’m doing a good job. Love is everywhere. Not my love necessarily, but lots of it just the same. Hearts are on sleeves, offices overflow with red roses, lockers burst with whatever has replaced the candy-gram.

The world is in love and everything is better for it.

Well, maybe not. Valentine’s Day expressions of romantic love and friendship are generally restricted to our close circle of friends. Unless your situation dictates that cards must be given to the whole class, February 14th is a day for sharing the love with people you’re always affectionate toward. There’s very little outreach and hardly any grace given to the world at large.

There’s harried last minute shopping. Restaurants are crowded. People are as divided today as they were yesterday.

So today, while you’re making plans, buying chocolates, and celebrating special relationships, broaden your focus to include those people around you that are hard to love. Smile. Say thank you. Value opposing opinions. Refuse to engage in personal attacks. Love.


And that will make Valentine’s Day so happy.