Wednesday, May 2, 2018

#IWSG Spring Inspiration

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The question for May: It's Spring! Does this season inspire you to write more than others or not?

It's seventy-four degrees as I type to you this May Day from my front porch. My dogs are out with me. Birds are singing. The neighborhood is filled with the sound of chainsaws, heavy digging equipment, and mowers. Honestly, can we not respect the sunshine with a little quiet? 

All the same, spring has sprung. Warmth and sunshine combine to make me feel more alive than I did through the long winter. Life is good. And there's no time for writing.

You see, last fall, October to be specific, grubs invaded my once pristine lawn. Then, raccoons or bears or armadillos came to eat the grubs. The turf suffered. Nighttime air temps above forty (for the first time last night) allow for lots of yard work. I've applied beneficial nematodes and purposely seeded the lawn with white clover. I'm going organic this year and fully expect my life will now consist of moving a sprinkler from one section of the yard to another as I cry out, "don't die on me" to the fine fescue.

It will be fun.

A few months ago, I wrote the first chapter of my next novel. I was pretty proud of it, printed the pages and gave them to my super special advance readers (my husband and daughter). They either really liked it or love me too much to tell me otherwise. That was a good day. Time passed and it was an occasional topic of conversation.

"Have you written any more of your book?"
"Do you know what's going to happen next?"
"Are you EVER going to write any more of that book?"

These questions mostly from my daughter. She provides me pages of her work in progress at least once a week. It's a fascinating fantasy novel. Super descriptive. Blows me away.

"I haven't had time," I'll say. Or "I've been thinking about it."

She shrugs at me and goes to her room where she'll dash out fifteen pages. This has become intimidating. Not that it's a competition, but come on!

In an attempt to stop being so utterly disappointing, I'm going to make a point to write every day this month. Starting tomorrow because right now I have to move the sprinkler.