Thursday, February 13, 2020

Coming Soon: More Than a Bad Teacher

Andy Garber isn’t satisfied with life. Her husband, Dave, is always working late. Her teenage kids, Ashleigh and Aaron, would rather be anywhere but with her. She teaches seventh grade in a mediocre middle school.

When Dave shows up one day and informs the family he’s accepted a promotion that necessitates a move across the state, Andy is forced to examine the source of her misery. It isn’t until her daughter falls victim to a classmate’s aggression that Andy looks deeper and finds the source of her discontent is more than just her specific circumstances.

More Than a Bad Teacher is the story of an ordinary family in a homogeneous exurban American community breaking free of the assimilationist culture that put armed police in schools, accepts ALICE drills as normal, and insists on graduating ideologically identical white folks generation after generation. It’s a story of hope that even the most complacent among us can make a difference.

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