My Books

More Than a Bad Teacher is the story of a family in the exurbs of southwestern PA trying to figure out why the life they've built just isn't that satisfying. Told from the perspectives of the mom, a seventh-grade language arts teacher, and her daughter, a high school sophomore, More Than a Bad Teacher takes a look at what's wrong in our mediocre schools and imagines what might happen if ordinary people took a stand to fix it.

No Room for Hondo is my first novel. The story centers around a new mom, Marty, and her struggles with a mental illness. Long after the acute phase of her disorder is over, Marty struggles with self-confidence and lives for many years believing that she can't handle even the slightest stress. Marty's story is for anyone that's spent sleepless nights with a new baby. Hers is a courageous journey back to health.

From the back cover: Who are you? That can be a difficult question for a brand new first-time mother. Isolated by the stay-at-home life, sleep-deprived, and under-stimulated, Marty Roscigno wasn't adjusting to her new life. Instead, she was fostering a new reality of her own making. No Room for Hondo follows Marty through mental illness and family crisis. She endures mundane everyday battles and extraordinary circumstances as she struggles to accept herself and find purpose in her life. Always wanting more, Marty has to decide: is it really enough just to be someone’s mother?

"By reading about Marty’s experience, I felt like I could live her life with her and learn about what could happen if you don’t have the proper support around you, if you don’t sleep, and if you can’t find your purpose and maybe aren’t able to articulate that to others." -Chelsea Lauren, author Underneath the Whiskey

Magic Ear Kids: Stories of Parenting a Child with Hearing Loss is a compilation of thoughts on years of helping my daughter manage her hearing aids and all the audiology appointments, speech therapy, and school accommodations that came with them. Magic Ear Kids takes some of the best posts from my Magic Ear Kids blog and continues the story through the intermediate and middle school years.

One early reader declared some passages laugh out loud funny. Of course, there's a lot of frustration and a hearty helping of triumph. The work is far from over, but we're far enough along to know that life with hearing loss offers some challenges and limitless potential. I hope other parents and the professionals that serve them will enjoy reading about our experiences.

Available in print and for kindle on Amazon.