SeriesIntroductionPulse Width1FrequencyPulse energyTemporal contrast2Pump sourceOscillator
High performance Ti:Sapphire regenerative amplifier
Lancer-HHigh temporal contrast regenerative amplifier<30fs10Hz/1kHz2mJ>109可選可選
Lancer-NGeneral purpose regenerative amplifier <30fs10Hz/1kHz 10mJ/7mJ>107 可選可選
High performance Ti:Sapphire power amplifier
FlareHigh performance power amplifier/5/10Hz100-1500mJ/可選/
High performance Ti:Sapphire laser system
Iteration-M11-20TW laser system<30fs5/10Hz>30mJ>107OptionalOptional
Iteration-L40TW laser system>1.2J
Iteration-X200TW laser system5Hz>6J>109
Iteration-EPW Scale laser system1Hz>30J>1011
1. Measured by Wizzler (Fastlite Technology).
2. Measured 400 ps before the main pulse by Sequoia 800 (Amplitude) and provides advanced contrast solution.

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