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Newlight Source QiFeng Technology Co. Ltd.

        Henan QiFeng Newlight source technology is a private high-tech company with key support from Kaifeng government and Henan province. The company owned Henan advanced laser technology and application academician workstation, Kaifeng advanced laser technology and application key laboratory, Kaifeng high intensity ultrashort laser technology innovation team. The company has strong research and development ability, The core team consists of top scientists and engineers from China , the United States and Taiwan, we also established close cooperation relationship with UCLA、Tsinghai University、Shanghai Jiao Tong University、Henan University、Academia Sinica、National Taiwan University、National Central University. Professor Lu Wei, Chief scientist of the company, 2014 International Union of Pure and Applied Physics(IUPAP) young scientist, “the Thousand Talents Plan” expert, winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, The leading innovative talent in the group of young and middle age working in science and technology.
       Our products include advanced optoelectronic components、high intensity ultrashort laser core components and systems、femtosecond laser measurement instrument and so on. High intensity ultrashort laser systems is a new generation of radiation source, it can be used to generate advanced desktop All-optical ray source(include Terahertz, soft X-ray, hard X-Ray, EUV, gamma ray and other high luminance light source), compared with the traditional accelerator radiation source, we are more functional, cheaper and convenient. Our products also play an important role in the field of customs inspection, explosion-proof security, industrial non-destructive testing, medical treatment, national defense equipment etc. Our high intensity ultrashort laser systems is exclusively for ultrafast laser users. Our consistent belief is to stand on the consumers' point of view and grow together with customers.