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Lancer Series---High Performance Ti:Sapphire Regenerative Amplifier

Lancer series are state-of-the-art TI:Sapphire amplifiers specifically designed for academic customers. The unique design of laser cavity makes it possible to integrate contrast enhancement module into laser amplify itself, generating high temporal contrast pulses while maintaining its compactness. Passive spectral phase control technique is used in the meantime making the system simple and robust.
Lancer series products can provide pulses with repetition rate from 10Hz to 1KHz, pulse duration less than 30fs, pulse energy up to 10mJ and temporal contrast over 109 (1011 is available for customized version).
Overall dimension of the amplifier is 1200*700*260mm with specifically designed housing which provides superb protection against air turbulence and dust, temperature controlled platform available on request.
All optical and mechanical elements are from top suppliers all over the world and under strict testing and selecting process to promise stability and reliability of the device. Lancer series feature high energy stability and adjustment-free design make it easier for customer to use.

Center wavelength800nm800nm800nm800nm
Single pulse energy2mJ2mJ10mJ7mJ
Pulse width(FWHM)<30fs
Energy stability1.5%1.0%1.5%1.0%
Beam diameter7mm(1/e2)13mm(1/e2)11mm(1/e2)
Contrast>109 : 1>107 : 1
Beam qualityTEM00(M2<1.3 on both axes)