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Flare Series---High Performance Power Amplifier

The Flare series of high performance power amplifiers are specifically designed for customers who have a front-end source and hope to increase the laser energy. The unique design of multi-pass cavity provides a higher folding rate than the traditional multi-pass amplification structure, which shortens the distance from pump light to the crystal. It does not need to use the image transfer structure, which saves on space (The whole volume can be reduced by more than 40%), and the structure is more stable and reliable.
The Flare series can provide enhanced pulse with repetition of 5 Hz or 10 Hz. The pulse energy can be customized by customers’ requests and the pulse energy is up to 1.5J. Overall dimension of the amplifier is 1200*700*260mm with specifically designed box which provides superb protection against air turbulence and dust, temperature controlled platform are also available on request.
All optical and mechanical elements come from top suppliers all over the world and under strict testing and selecting process to promise stability and reliability of the device. Flare series feature high energy stability and adjustment-free design make it easier for customer to use.

Center wavelength~800nm
Pulse energy30-150mJ150-750mJ750-2000mJ
Energy stability<2.0%
Beam diameter(1/e2)6-10mm10-20mm20-30mm
Spot mode Flat top